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New Kent County, Virginia

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Purchase of Development Rights Advisory Comm.

Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Committee

  • created in May 2006 with the adoption of Ordinance O-04-06 to
    • promote the County’s PDR program in cooperation with the program administrator, by providing educational materials to the public and conducting informal meetings
    • review the rankings of applications and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors as to which conservation easements should be purchased
    • periodically review the program's regulations, guidelines, administrative procedures and promote and recommend any changes needed to maintain the program's consistency with the Comprehensive Plan or to improve the administration, implementation and effectiveness of the program
    • appoint an Appraisal Review Committee
    • Governed by County Code Section 84.6
    • composed of one Board-appointed member from each election district and two at-large members
    • appointees serve 3-year staggered terms ending December 31
    • meets "as needed" in the County Administration Building
  • Chartered on May 14, 2012, by adoption of Resolution R-23-12
  • Current roster