Ordinances 2019 All Archives

O-01-19 (PDF) O-01-19 (PDF)
Impose Tax Levies on Real and Personal Property for the 2019/2020 Tax Year
O-02-19 (PDF) O-02-19 (PDF)
Amending Appendix A of the New Kent County Code - Fee Schedule
O-03-19 (PDF) O-03-19 (PDF)
Elimination and Repeal of Admissions Tax
O-04-19 R2 (PDF) O-04-19 R2 (PDF)
Chickahominy Shores - Street Designation for Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Use
O-05-19 (PDF) O-05-19 (PDF)
Recreation of Cattail Swamp AFD
O-06-19 (PDF) O-06-19 (PDF)
Additions to Cooks Mill AFD
O-07-19 (PDF) O-07-19 (PDF)
Addition to Diascund Creek AFD
O-08-19 (PDF) O-08-19 (PDF)
Recreation of Holts Creek AFD
O-09-19 (PDF) O-09-19 (PDF)
Additions to Pelham Swamp AFD
O-10-19 (PDF) O-10-19 (PDF)
Additions to Pelham Swamp AFD
O-11-19 (PDF) O-11-19 (PDF)
Recreation of Timber Swamp AFD
O-12-19 (PDF) O-12-19 (PDF)
Recreation of Wahrani Swamp AFD
O-13-19 (PDF) O-13-19 (PDF)
Addition to Wahrani Swamp AFD
O-14-19 (PDF) O-14-19 (PDF)
Addition to York River AFD
O-15-19 (PDF) O-15-19 (PDF)
Amending Sections 98-2 and 98-64 - Combat/Tactical Training Facility
O-16-19 (PDF) O-16-19 (PDF)
Salavejus Withdrawal from Mill Creek AFD
O-17-19 (PDF) O-17-19 (PDF)
Davis Withdrawal from York River AFD
O-18-19 (PDF) O-18-19 (PDF)
Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Designation in Patriots Landing Subdivision