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O-01-17 (R1) O-01-17 (R1)
An Ordinance to Approve Ordinance Amendment OA-01-17, Amending Article I, Chapter 98, Section 98-2; Article VII, Chapter 98, Section 98-212 and Article II, Chapter 98, Section 98-62 of the New Kent County Code
O-02-17 O-02-17
Repealing Article III and IV Chapter 98
O-03-17  - RECORDED O-03-17 - RECORDED
Hitchcock Rezoning
O-04-17  O-04-17
FY18 Tax Levies
O-05-17  O-05-17
County Fees - Public Utilities
O-06-17  O-06-17
General County Fees
O-08-17 O-08-17
Budget Amendment - Middle School Expansion
O-09-17 O-09-17
Saunders to Allens Run AFD
O-10-17 O-10-17
Continue Black Creek AFD
O-11-17 O-11-17
Kinney to Cooks Mill AFD
O-12-17 O-12-17
Continue Crumps Swamp AFD
O-13-17 O-13-17
Clarke to Diascund Creek AFD
O-15-17 O-15-17
Continue Schiminoe Creek AFD
O-16-17 O-16-17
Powers to Schiminoe Creek AFD
O-17-17 O-17-17
Caples to Timber Swamp AFD
O-18-17 O-18-17
Culpepper to Wahrani Swamp AFD
O-19-17 O-19-17
Potts to Wahrani Swamp AFD
O-20-17 O-20-17
Increased Fees for DMV Stops
O-21-17 O-21-17
Robert G. Alley, Inc. Rezoning
O-22-17 O-22-17
Subdivision Ordinance Amendments - DEQ
O-23-17 O-23-17
Line of Duty Act Surviving Spouse Exemptions
O-24-17 O-24-17
Ordinance Amendment - Table of Land Uses - Mini Storage
O-25-17 R2  RECORDED O-25-17 R2 RECORDED
Farms of New Kent - Amended and Restated PUD, Proffers and Development Agreement