Ordinances 2014 All Archives

O-15-14 O-15-14
Amending Chapter 66 Taxation, Article II Property Taxes, Section 66-32 Penalties and Interest of the New Kent County Code
O-14-14 O-14-14
Amending New Kent County Code Section 66-82 to increase the net combined financial worth limit in the Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled program.
O-13-14 O-13-14
Amending New Kent County Code Sections 66-315, 66-317, 66-318 and 66-323 regarding business licenses
O-12-14 O-12-14
Amending Section 66-5 Correction and refund of erroneous assessments
O-10-14 O-10-14
Amending Chapter 94, Waterways, Article II, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas to the New Kent County Code of Ordinances
O-09-14R O-09-14R
Repealing, amending, restating, and readopting Chapter 82 "Environment" to the New Kent County Code of Ordinances
O-08-14 O-08-14
Imposing tax levies on real and personal property for the 2014/2015 tax year in New Kent County
O-07-14 O-07-14
Amending Appendix A of the New Kent County Code (Fee Schedule) to change certain fees charged for County services
O-05-14 O-05-14
emergency ordinance amending Appendix A - Fees for agricultural and forestal districts
O-04-14 O-04-14
amending County Code Chapter 66, Article II to update the section relating to the Board of Equalization
O-03-14(R) O-03-14(R)
emergency ordinance amending Section 62-33, extending the 2014 AFD application deadline to April 1.
O-02-14 O-02-14
Amending, restating and readopting Chapter 98 Zoning,l Article II General Area, Frontage, Yards, Height, Setback, Performance Requirements and Standards and Article XXII Site Plans, Performance Standards
O-01-14 O-01-14
amending, restating and readopting Article VII Weapons of Chapter 46 of the New Kent County Code