Standard Details


Standard Details have been adopted in order to produce uniformity of facilities to be operated by the County. These details are a guide to the normal procedure. However, where it is necessary due to specific job requirements to deviate from the standards, the designer shall prepare the appropriate detail and show it on the drawings.


DRAWING #                     TITLE

D-100                          Casing Pipe Requirements (PDF)

D-105                          Casing Detail for Waterlines & Sewer Force Mains (PDF)

D-107                          Casing Detail for Gravity Sewer Lines (PDF)

D-108                          Typical Waterline Creek Crossings (PDF)

D-109                          Aerial Crossing Detail (PDF)

D-110                          Trench Bedding - I (PDF)

D-111                          Trench Bedding - II (PDF)

D-112                          Bedding and Backfill Detail for Plastic Pipe (PDF)

D-113                          Clay Dam Detail (PDF)

D-115                          1” Release Valve (PDF)

D-116                          2” Air Release Valve Assembly (PDF)

D-117                          Air Valve for Sewer Service (PDF)

D-130                          Flushing Hydrant (Blow-Off) (PDF)

D-131                          Typical 4” and Larger Blow-Off (PDF)

D-133                          Preassembled Flushing Mechanism (PDF)

D-144                          Small Valve Box (PDF)

D-147                          HDPE to PVC Transition for Directional Drills (PDF)

D-160                          Typical Fire Hydrant Detail  (PDF)

D-172                          Meter Setter (PDF)

D-173                          Meter Box and Setter (PDF)

 D-174                          Special Water Service Connection (PDF)
Water Service Installation Detail (PDF)

D-176                          Single Family Residential Fire Line Systems - New Homes (PDF)

D-177                          Single Family Residential Fire Line Systems - Existing Homes (PDF)

D-178                          2" or Smaller Double Detector Check Vault (PDF)

D-179                         Companion Meter Standard (PDF)

D-180                         1½" or 2" Disc Meter Settings (1 of 2) (PDF)

D-181                         Materials List for 1½" or 2" Disc Meter Setting (2 of 2) (PDF)

D-200                         4" Compound Meter Setting (1 of 2) (PDF)

D-201                         Materials List for 4" Compound Meter Setting (2 of 2) (PDF)

D-230                         Domestic Meter Box - 5/8" (PDF)

D-232                         Plastic Meter Box - 1" (PDF)

D-235                         Typical Location of Water Main and Services in Cul-De-Sac (PDF)

D-415                         Manhole Sizing and Minimum Angle Table (1 of 2) (PDF)

D-416                         Manhole Sizing and Minimum Angle Table (2 of 2 (PDF))

D-420                         Standard Precast Concrete Manhole Sewers 8” to 24” (PDF)

D-421                         Deep Precast Concrete Manhole Sewers 8” to 24” Greater than 18” Deep (PDF)

D-426                         60”, 72”, 84” and 96” I.D. Manhole - I (PDF)

D-427                         60”, 72”, 84” and 96” I.D. Manhole - II (PDF)

D-428                         60”, 72”, 84” and 96” I.D. Manhole – III (PDF)

D-435                         Standard Drop Connection (PDF)

D-440                         Special Acid-Resistant Lining All Manholes (PDF)

D-455                         Standard Invert Detail (PDF)

D-448                         Doghouse Manhole (PDF)

D-460                         Typical Manhole Step (PDF)

D-465                         Standard Manhole Frame & Cover (PDF)

D-466                         Vandalproof Manhole Frame & Cover (PDF)

D-468                         Watertight Manhole Frame & Cover (PDF)

D-471                         House Connection Details with Clean-Out (PDF)

D-472                         Sewer Cleanout Box (PDF)

D-500                         Stone Construction Entrance (PDF)

D-501                         Replacement of Private Drives (PDF)

D-600                         Blocking Detail – Horizontal Bends (PDF)

D-601                         Blocking Detail – Tees (PDF)

D-602                         Blocking Detail – Plugs, Cap, and Hydrants (PDF)   (see standard 160)

D-603                         Blocking Detail – Lower Vertical Bends (PDF)

D-705                         Force Main Termination at Manhole I (PDF)

D-706                         Force Main Termination at Manhole II (PDF)

D-711                         Sewer Saddle (PDF)

D-712                         Kor-N-Tee (PDF)

D-800                         Vacuum Test (ASTM C 1244) for Concrete Sewer Manholes (PDF)

D-801                         Allowable Infiltration/Exfiltration based on 50 Gal./In. Dia./Mile/24Hrs (PDF)

D-802                         PVC Pipe Air Test Table Based On Formulas from UNI-B-6-90 (PDF)

D-803                         Allowable Leakage Table – Water Lines Based On Formulas from AWWA Specifications (PDF)

D-804                         Allowable Deflections for Water Pipe (PDF)

D-805                         DI Restraint Length Table (PDF)

D-806                         PVC Restraint Length Table (PDF)
D-850                         Above Ground Generator Fuel Piping (PDF)

D-851                         Below Ground Generator Fuel Piping (PDF)

D-852                         Fencing & Gate Hardware (PDF)