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On the Fee Calculator:

Only check off fireplace if you have a masonry fireplace being installed.

Subtract one full bathroom from the quantity entered.  You are allowed one bathroom without charge.

If you are bringing a preprinted check with you to submit your application, please call in advance to make sure your calculations are correct. We cannot accept checks that are over the amount needed for the fees.

***Please note that the minimum permit fee is $65.00 and $1.30 surcharge and $30 zoning for a total of $96.30. If the fee calculator calculates your fees as less than the minimum, $86.10 will be your permit fee.***

Building Development: Fee Calculator
County of New Kent
Building Permit Fee Schedule Worksheet
Residential and Accessory Structures
ItemQtyUnitCost Per UnitCost
Living AreaSq. Ft.$ 128.00
Fire Place - 1st StoryEach$ 4000.00
Fire Place - 2nd StoryEach$ 6000.00
Extra Baths - HalfEach$ 4000.00
Extra Baths - FullEach$ 6000.00
Garage - AttachedSq. Ft.$ 60.00
Garage - Not AttachedSq. Ft.$ 50.00
DeckSq. Ft.$ 25.00
PorchSq. Ft.$ 40.00
Enclosed PorchSq. Ft.$ 48.00
Finished BasementSq. Ft.$ 60.00
Unfinished BasementSq. Ft.$ 40.00
Addition to DwellingSq. Ft.$ 128.00
ShedSq. Ft.$ 40.00
Pole ShedSq. Ft.$ 40.00

Total :
$2.00  per $1000

2.00% State Surcharge

Zoning Fee ($30) :

Grand Total :