Sheriff's Office Components

Sheriff's Office Components

The Sheriff's Office is the primary law enforcement agency for New Kent County. We do not operate a jail in the county; however, the Henrico County Sheriff's Office Regional Jail East facility is located here in New Kent County. Below you will find a description of each section of the Sheriff's Office:

Sheriff New Kent County
  • Executive Command Staff -

  • Sheriff J.J. Joe McLaughlin, Jr.Sheriff J. J. "Joe" McLaughlin, Jr.

  • Chief Deputy L.S. BaileyChief Deputy L.S. Bailey

  • Captain J.J. McLaughlin, IIICaptain J. J. McLaughlin, III (Captain of Operations)

  • Captain W. H. CarterCaptain W. H. Carter (Captain of Services).

  • Command Staff-

  • Lieutenant S.J. Carnell Patrol Lieutenant S. J. Carnell

  • Lieutenant F.W. Howard, III Administrative Lieutenant F. W. Howard, III

  • Lieutenant D.G. MehalkoDetective Lieutenant D. G. Mehalko

  • Lieutenant N.H. Jenkins Courthouse Security/ Civil Process Lieutenant N. H. Jenkins.

  • Emergency Communications Center Manager K. M. Cheeley

  • Administrative / Records - The Administrative and Records Section is comprised of six full- and part-time employees that are responsible for budget / finance records, police records, and daily correspondence for the Sheriff and Chief Deputy Sheriff.
  • Animal Control - The Animal Control Unit is made up of 3 full-time animal control deputies. The unit is supervised by Sergeant C. Majette. An animal shelter custodian is charged with care of the animal shelter. For information about pet adoption and control please view our animal control page.
  • Communications - This section is comprised of 17 full- and part-time communications officers. The section is supervised by Katherine Cheeley. It is responsible for all emergency and non-emergency calls coming into the Sheriff's Office, as well as dispatching Sheriff's and Fire / Rescue personnel.
  • Courts and Civil Process - The Courts and Civil Process Section is comprised of eight full- and part-time deputies. The section is headed by Captain W. H. Carter and supervised by Lieutenant N. H. Jenkins. These deputies work during the week with varying reporting times, and are charged with maintaining the security of the Courthouse, prisoner transportation, civil process, and warrant tracking.
  • Investigations - The Investigations Section is headed by Lieutenant D. G. Mehalko, and two Detective Sergeants. This section is charged with investigating all violations of state and local ordinances.
  • Patrol - The Patrol Section is comprised of 18 full-time, 2 part-time, 5 auxiliary deputies and a K-9 unit. The section consists of two patrol platoons managed by Lieutenant S. J. Carnell and each platoon is supervised by a dayshift Sergeant and a midnight Sergeant. Sergeants C. Thomas and N. Fico are assigned to A Platoon and Sergeants W. Johnston and E. Mitchell are assigned to B Platoon. The platoons work on a rotating 12 hour shift cycle. Patrol deputies handle calls for service and enforce local criminal and traffic laws.
  • School Resources - The School Resource Unit is comprised of four school resource officers. The section is supervised by Sergeant R. B. Jenkins. They enforce security at all New Kent County schools, handle complaints and investigations on school property, as well as enforce state and local ordinances throughout the county.